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For The IAQ Industry            Oct., 2008 Vol. 1
Ventilation Systems for Smokey Environments
In a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it was reported t hat state-of-the art ventilation systems used to cle ar cigarette smoke from bars and restaurants don't eliminate dangerous soot and carcinogens and can even push their levels higher in nonsmoking sections than in smoking areas.  The systems studied were displacement systems that use cooler air ideally pumped in at floor level to force hot, smoky air up to ceiling ducts.  However, a 1999 Finnish study with typical ventilation systems that mainly dilute smoky air with fresh air had similar unsuccessful results.

UV Light for Mold Detection

Mold, and all fungi, like any other organic contaminant can be easily detected using UV light.  This can make it extremely helpful for mold insp ections. Physicians have used UV light for many years to detect scalp and bo dy fungus as well as lice and lice eggs.  Hotels are even using UV light to show the effectiveness of cleaning microbial growth in their rooms. Regarding mo ld, it is sometimes challenging determining if there is mold on fabric surfaces or covered in dust and debris or in wood staining. The UV lamp c an be most helpful in these and similar circumstances. Of c ourse, the UV lamps only indicate that something is there, not what is there .

Some US IAQ Facts
- Population exposed to questionable levels of pesticides 100,000,000
- Homes treated with Chloradane - 30,000
- Annual Radon caused deaths - 22,000
- Population at risk to Stachybotrys 455,000
- Buildings with IAQ problems 1,340,000
- Homes with dust mite problems 44,000,000
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