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Sites Related To Health and Nutrition

Magical Meditations for Kids - World-class athletes, visionary leaders, respected performers and artists the world's most successful people - rely on the power of visualization to self-motivate and achieve the goals and futures they desire.

Vemma : Everyone knows they should take vitamins. But who wants to choke down a handful of tablets every day? Introducing Vemma®, the cure for 'pill fatigue syndrome'.

YESIM GUMUS : Discover your individuality and fearless spirit through music, house concerts, dances, chants, vegetarian potlucks, inspiring personal growth courses, workshop rental space with parking and food service option and so on! We have a beautiful living space and we are ready to facilitate! Approach us with any ideas!

Living & Raw Foods - a great site about the health benefits to juicers, recipes and more.

Secret 4 long life - Offers information on how to live longer and provides live longer multiple vitamins and multivitamins.

Alive Magazine - Online interactive natural health site.

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