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BelKraft and Doulton of England

You do not need to invest $1000.00 to $3000.00 on a home water purification system!

In 1835, Queen Victoria recognized the present health dangers in her drinking water and commissioned Doulton to produce a water filter for the Royal household.

Now Doulton is the world's leader in over 187 countries, in the making of water filters and currently manufactures over 100 million filters a year. Their success is in discovering a way to purify water while also leaving the rich, healthy minerals intact.

Serving families since 1965 BelKraft's expertise has been in surgical steel waterless cookware. We teamed up with Doulton in combining our expertise to produce the perfect water purifier. Our water purifier has a housing to last a lifetime that is made of surgical steel and a 4-stage washable cartridge with porcelain pre-filter, which traps and kills all types of bacteria and parasites.

Now you can make the water in your home more pure than anything you can buy in a bottle for as little as $94.00 a year. That works out to 3 cents a litre or 10 cents a gallon.

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