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A Home Water Filter System....Crucial to a Child's Wellbeing!

Every day we are exposed to thousands of hazardous chemicals in our air, water and the food we eat. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about the air pollution or chemicals in many of the foods we eat, but we can do something about the water we drink! Our tap water contains hundreds of harmful contaminants including chlorine , lead , pesticides , herbicides , fluoride , and chlorine resistant parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia , along with an extensive list of other dangerous chemicals. Installing a home water filter system will remove over 500 of these hazardous contaminants from your drinking water, giving you piece of mind and pure uncontaminated water as nature intended. Drinking lots of filtered water is the only way to flush toxins out of the body, and the purer the water the better the result.

Children are much more sensitive to toxins that adults because their immune systems are still developing well into their early teens, so they don't have the same defense forces as adults. A water filter system will help a child to develop a strong healthy immune system for maximum protection during those fragile developing years.

Unfiltered Tap Water is Dangerous for a Child's Health!

Children who are exposed to chlorine , lead and other toxic chemicals in tap water are more susceptible to behavioral and learning disorders and taking into consideration that a child drinks three times as much water per pound of body weight than an adult, it does make you wonder if contaminated water has contributed to the increased rate of juvenile delinquency in the US.

Recently a report called "Into the Mouths of Babes" tested the water supplies in 29 mid Western cities. All cities tested had at least one agricultural chemical and most had 5 or more in a single glass of tap water. It was also found that 45,000 mothers in these cities were innocently making infant formula with tap water which contained at least three toxic chemicals.

At times we hear of out breaks of chlorine resistant parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia in city water supplies. When these outbreaks occur, it is the children and elderly who are at a much greater risk of fatality, due to their weaker immune systems.

Childhood Asthma ‚ Cancer‚ Leukemia and immune disorders have all risen in the last decade and many experts and studies suggest that this is partially due to children‘s increased exposure to environmental toxins and their decreased ability to detoxify .

Our children should be drinking lots of pure, filtered water to help their developing defense forces grow strong and healthy and to detoxify their bodies of so many harmful contaminants.

These days a huge range of water filtration systems are available on-line. Counter-top, under-sink and faucet water filters are inexpensive and easy to install and simply attach to your faucet. Whole house water filters are a total safeguard for your family as they filter every drop of water to your home. Shower filters and water filter cartridges are also readily available simply by the click of a mouse, so get clicking and know that you will be providing the purest possible water for you and your family.

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