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Drinking Water Treatment an Absolute Necessity to Guard Against US Water Contamination!

Millions of Americans use unfiltered tap water everyday. We use it to bathe, clean our clothes, and to cook with and drink. Most people don't really think about it. The majority assumes that the water supply is safe and that water is filtered at the water treatment plant. While this is true to a degree, those plants aren't equipped to remove many of the contaminants found in the U.S. tap water. That fact alone is reason enough to install a drinking water treatment system in your home.

Types of Water Contamination

Recent studies have suggested that the American drinking water supply has proven positive for 141 different contaminants. Of these 141, 16 have been linked to immune system problems and 52 are directly associated with various forms of cancer. To make matters worse, 41 of these pollutants are associated with reproductive toxicity and 36 are related to developmental difficulties. These results found in tap water aren't mentioning the high concentration of pesticides and organic bacteria such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium  that is present as well. The safest way to avoid damage to your family's health by these pollutants is to make use of a quality drinking water filtration unit.

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