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How to Filter Chlorine from Your Water

Chlorine is a chemical many cities and communities add to tap water. Its function is to try to control the amount of organic material in the water. The problem with this practice is that chlorine is damaging not only to people when it is consumed, but it gains access to the body during baths and showers as well.

Showers are considered by experts to be more dangerous in this respect as more chlorine is inhaled in higher concentration during a long, hot shower. The question to be asking yourself is how to filter chlorine from your water ?

Risks Associated With Chlorine in Tap Water

Many experts believe that prolonged exposure to chlorine in your home's water supply is detrimental to overall good health. While chlorine is beneficial in eliminating organic material, it is unnecessary by the time it reaches your tap.

Ingestion and exposure to the skin and airways are the primary concerns related to chlorine use in water supplies. In an article entitled “Is Your Water Safe?” by U.S. News and World Report it was stated, “drinking chlorinated water may double the risk of bladder cancer, which strikes 400,000 people a year.” Those aren't statistics to play around with. If you want to eliminate your family's exposure to chlorine then it is time to look into chlorine removal systems.

There are many ways to ensure your home is equipped with pure drinking and bathing water. A whole house water filter will eliminate not only chlorine from your water, but also other contaminants. Carbon water filters and shower filters are just a few of the quality water filtration systems available on the market currently.

Choosing one of these water filtration systems for your whole house will provide the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are safe from the potentially dangerous threat of chlorinated water.

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