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Want Safe, Pure Drug-Free Water?...Household Filtration Systems are the Answer!

Many different types of pollutants have been discovered in regular, unfiltered tap water. Just to name a few, tests have found parasites, herbicides , chemicals, and unhealthy levels of chlorine .

What may come as a surprise is that in addition to these contaminants, drugs have also been found in our water supplies. With all of these harmful components contaminating our drinking water supplies, it is little wonder that many health conscious people wanting chemical free, pure water are installing filtration systems in their homes.

Drugs in Municipal Water Supplies

Disturbing as it is to consider, there are staggering amount of different kinds of drugs in many municipal water supplies. Expert theory is that water supplies are drug contaminated by personal hygiene products, such as soap and shampoos. Deodorants and hair care products also play a role in polluting water supplies.

As if this weren't enough, prescription drugs are seeping into water through septic systems and leaking sewerage pipes along with hormones from contraceptives, pain killing narcotics, and anticonvulsants. Sunscreen, caffeine, antiseptics and traces of urine are also cited as being present in unfiltered tap water.

Studies to determine the long-term effects on a person's health due to prolonged exposure to these contaminants have not been done. No one knows the full impact this new threat will have on the health of the general populace.

Bearing these facts in mind, the best way to protect your family from these harmful drugs is to install a water filtration system in your home.

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