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How Good Are Refrigerator Water Filters?
So you have that nice Kenmore Elite, Ge, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG refrigerator and the warning light to change your water filter is on red. You ever wonder what controls your refrigerator to tell you when to change your refrigerator water filter?
Talking to the techs that repair these refrigerators I have learned that this mechanism is actually controlled by the amount of times you open and close your door.  This is not exactly the greatest indicator for changing your water filter.
Typically with these refrigerator water filters you will be lucky to get 6 months of use out of them or less. Almost all of these refrigerator water filters do not have the capability to remove fluoride or even reduce any of the amount fluoride in your tap water. Fluoride leaves calcified deposits inside the pineal gland known to control our awareness.  Fluoride is a neurotoxic byproduct of aluminum.  Excessive Fluoride can lead to docile behavior, nerve damage and brain disorders.  Most of the major cities in the united states will add fluoride to the local water supply. Some of these refrigerator water filter companies have the audacity to brag on the label how they don’t remove “beneficial fluoride.”
The smaller the filter the more likely you will need to buy another refrigerator filter sooner and least likely to filter your water correctly. Many of these refrigerator water filters are over priced and under perform.

It would be better to have a kitchen purifier and run a waterline into your refrigerator.
This should give you a year or more before you need to change your filter if ever!! Refrigerator water filters are limited in what toxins they remove. You really want a proper purifier to remove more of a wider range of containment’s.
Too many refrigerator water filters are under performing and overcharging!  These refrigerator filters can be quite costly. The PURE 2 water filter keeps going up in price every year and now Sears sells the Pur 2 filter for $55.00 dollars a pop.  Lowes has a similar Pur 2 water filter that goes for $39.99. The problem is Lowes Pur 2 water filter is a fast fill filter not designed for the Kenmore refrigerator and will not purify your water. 
So if you have a family of four or more and everyone drinks the required 8 glasses of water per day this Kenmore filter may need to be changed in under 3 months. Sears insane price of 55 dollars x 4 = $154.00 dollars you’re spending on just the filters per year!
The best time of year to buy refrigerator water filters is around Black Friday you can find 2 for 1 filter packs and cut your cost in half! I’ve  seen the black Friday special 2 for 1 refrigerator water filters 2 for 1 at the Home Depot. If you get a 5 year protection plan at home depot covering your appliance you get 25 % off the cost of your refrigerator water filters for  5 years.  Home Depot protection plan states ‘save 25 % on all replacement parts.’ Refrigerator water filters and air filters are considered replacement parts.

There must be a better way to water and there is! The answer is a simple kitchen purifier with a line to the fridge.
I saw one of these filters close up and realized the quality is way better than Pur 2 and the rest.  Anyone can tell the difference that this filter is so much better because the filter # 1 is so much bigger! So much more carbon and it is a solid carbon block! Not some cheap filter that has free flowing carbon. (GAC)  Size does matter when it comes to filters.  You can’t depend on a little filter to remove all the harmful containment’s that can be found in tap water.
The way the BelKraft filters are designed is with millions of microscopic holes that are designed to catch the smallest micron particles.  Everything larger than 0.3 microns.

Are you thinking about buying a Kenmore refrigerator? Watch out for all the overpriced fancy gadgets and overpriced whistles! Kenmore’s are more trouble than they are worth.  The new Kenmore refrigerators are not built like the old ones. The Kenmore boxes said assembled in Mexico and the parts were from China.  Samsung’s as you probably already know are from Korea. Whirlpool has more American workers than the rest though they have many offshore countries doing most of the products made for the U.S.A.

What I think is super cool about the Belkraft purifier is this company is very green. They build the water purifiers from all Canadian and US made parts and built to last a lifetime. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the housing of the unit. 
Also, fridge filters are inconvenient when filling your pots for cooking, coffee maker, kettle, humidifier, iron, plant water jug and washing your vegetables. Tap water should not be used for any of this.


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