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Home Water Softeners Solve the Problems of Hard Water!

Anyone with hard water problems knows that it comes with a certain set of problems. The minerals in hard water interfere with soap's ability to lather and damages fixtures and pipes with mineral deposits. The only solution to this problem is to install some type of water filtration system. Especially in the case of hard water, the use of home water softeners eliminates the problem quickly.

Why is Water Hard?

Water softeners work on a fairly basic principle. Since the negative effects of hard water are caused by the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water, soft water treatment replaces those minerals with sodium. Sodium doesn't have any negative effect on how well the water helps detergents work, nor does it leave any kind of residue on fixtures or in pipes. Therefore the sodium replacement eliminates both issues associated with hard water. In a residential softener system the water is ran through a chamber with small beads or on some models a chemical compound called zeolite. Sodium chloride is attached to the beads or zeolite. As the water passes through the calcium and magnesium attach to the beads and the sodium replaces those minerals in the water. This process effectively produces soft water. If the softening system you choose is designed for the whole house, there will never again be a problem of hard water doing damage to your plumbing or reducing your detergent's ability to clean your clothes.

Ideally, a water softener that does not use sodium would be a lot better for your health. The BelKraft NO SALT softener can do this.

Fortunately there are many options of home water filtration systems available. Some people choose to install a shower filter to help solve their problem. For others, a whole house water filtration system has been the way to go. Whichever choice you make, a water filter system with softening capabilities will ensure that you and your family have pure tap water from every faucet in your home.

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