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Home Water Purification Systems will Remove Herbicides from Your Household Water Supply

Herbicides used for the reduction of weeds in crops have been appearing in the nation's water supply. Despite the best efforts of water purification plants to eliminate this hazard, herbicides are still a growing concern for health care experts.

The majority of herbicide contamination occurs during the first rain following its use in the fields. While it is helpful that experts know when the damage occurs, knowledge doesn't stop the pollutant from ending up in drinking water supplies.

The smartest thing for the concerned consumer to do is protect their household water supply with one of the many home water purification systems available.

How Do Herbicides Get Into Our Drinking Water?

Farmers, typically corn growers, use herbicides, to reduce the weeds that threaten to choke their crop. Herbicides are most dangerous during the first rain following the application, as this is when these highly dangerous chemicals make their way into municipal water supplies.

Studies indicate that long term exposure to herbicides in drinking water is linked to cancer and heart disease. With information like this, it is little wonder why many people have decided to install water purification systems in their homes to protect their families from the onslaught of these hazardous chemicals.

Which Water Purification System? While a purification system that attaches to your tap will give you safe drinking water, a whole house system is a more viable option as it will provide clean, chemical free water to all the water outlets in your home- even including your bath and shower. A quality whole house systems will reduce just about every harmful contaminant from your water supply, guaranteeing that your water not only tastes great, but is safe to drink. It will also provide you with chemical free baths and showers, ensuring that you are not inhaling these chemicals in the form of steam, or absorbing them through your skin.

Protection against herbicides and other dangerous contaminants in your household water is a simple matter if you choose to install a home water purification system. You owe it to yourself and your family to provide clean, fresh, chemical free water.

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