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Water Filter or Purifier ...A Must During Pregnancy!

water and pregnancy

Every expectant mother knows that for her well being and the health of her unborn child that nutrition is very important. She also knows that there are certain environmental hazards that she should avoid. The contaminants found in unfiltered tap water certainly fall into this category. Between organic parasites and man made chemicals, tap water can be a danger to a pregnant woman and her child considering her lowered immunity to illness. Fortunately a water filter or purifier will eliminate this concern during such a critical time in a woman's life.

Contaminants Found in Unfiltered Tap Water

There are many contaminants in tap water that a pregnant woman will want to avoid. Pathogens are potentially one of the most harmful. These viruses and bacteria get into the water supply through human sewage and animal feces. The illnesses caused by pathogens increases the odds of miscarriage. Biological contaminants are a major concern for a woman and her unborn child at this stage of development. A water filtration system can eliminate the cause for concern by removing these parasites from the tap water and providing pure drinking water. Heavy metals found in unfiltered water are causes for concern as well. Lead and mercury are potentially damaging. Studies have shown that heavy metal ingested by the mother during pregnancy can result in reproductive and neurological damage in developing fetuses. In addition to these hazards the expectant mother should also be aware of pesticides and other chemical compounds, like chlorine that are found in tap water. The best way to eliminate this concern is to install a whole house water filter .

There is no reason to have this situation weighing on the mind of a future mother. Water filters can be installed at the counter level, on an individual faucet. Pure water is simple to have with the use of a water filter.

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