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Sports and Portable Water Filters

Every athletic and weekend warrior knows how important it is to stay properly hydrated. Even participating in recreational sports depletes the human body's hydration levels. The best way to avoid dehydration is drink lots of water. Many people choose bottled water thinking that is the safest water available. However bottled water is often distilled robbing it of its essential minerals. Studies show unfiltered tap water is loaded with many unhealthy contaminants. So if bottled water lacks minerals and tap water contains pollutants, what is the active person to do? The answer is to invest in a portable water filter . Portable filters are the safest, most cost effective way to get clean, pure drinking water on the run.

Small and Compact

These individual sized personal water filters are perfect for people with an active lifestyle. Despite their small size they are fully capable of removing the contaminants, both organic and chemical, that are found in unfiltered tap water. Using these devices ensures that you will avoid any unnecessary harmful pollutants. You will also be providing yourself with pure, great tasting drinking water you need to replenish hydration after vigorous activity. There is no cause for concern about carrying these water filters. They range in weight from about 8 oz to just over one pound. They travel easily in a gym bag or backpack. Another advantage to using a travel water filter is that they work quickly and some units can clean up to 13,000 gallons of tap water. The only maintenance you will need to be concerned with is taking care of replacing the cartridges to guarantee a constant supply of healthy drinking water.

For the budget conscious sports lover there is the 'Worlds Smallest Water Filter'. These filters will remove most water contamination and all you have to do is suck the water at any water source for clean, safe drinking water.

There is no need for the sports enthusiast to worry over a clean water source any longer. The use of a water filter whether an individual filter or a sports bottle filter promises pure, healthy drinking water every time.

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