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Filtered Water and VOCs

The amounts of contaminants found in ordinary, unfiltered tap water is frightening by anyone's standards. Those pollutants can be organic or man made. Water treatment plants add chemicals such as chlorine in an attempt to disinfect water supplies but while the chlorination process removes one hazard it adds another. There is also a group of harmful contaminants commonly referred to as VOCs.

VOCs like all of the other contaminants can be removed from tap water with the use of a water filter . Drinking and cooking with filtered water is the most effective way to eliminate this hazard.

What Are VOCs?

The acronym VOC stands for volatile organic chemicals. Examples of VOCs are chemicals in solvents, polishes, and cosmetics among other sources. They are chemicals that evaporate when exposed to the air. This means the chemicals end up in lakes and other water sources by air and also by being dumped as waste and soaking into the ground. From there VOCs absorb into the soil and run off into our water sources. Some volatile organic chemicals are considered health risks. Some are suspected or known carcinogens.

The point is clear as to why a concerned consumer would take the situation in hand and install a home water filtration system . Drinking water filters have many benefits. They are cost effective and very efficient at their function. There are also a variety of different water filters you can choose from to provide your family with clean, pure water. Reverse osmosis water treatment systems have been popular for many years, as has carbon based units.

Water filters are even more diverse in the location they can be installed. There are models made for kitchen faucets or showerheads but the most effective model by far is a whole house system. Water is purified at its point of entry into your home ensuring that every drop of water to your home is filtered. So as you can see VOCs and other hazardous contaminants can be easily avoided by installing a home water filtration system.

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