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American Water Contamination and the Need for Whole House Water Filtration or Purification System - Part 3

If you are wondering why you need a water filtration or purification system in your home, read on and I am sure you will be convinced that a water filtration is an absolute necessity for every North American household.

These are some other shocking statistics:

  • Urban areas showed the most types and amounts of contaminants;
  • Urban tap water supply was shown to contain 59 additional contaminants including platicizers, solvents and propellants compared to rural water supply.
  • Testing in urban areas detected 82 types of pharmaceuticals, hormones, medication and other residue of consumer products in tap water.
  • Much of this residue is excreted in human urine which then re-enters the water system, trace amounts will by-pass the large-scale filtration.

The report concluded that the policy gaps will lead to health problems for most North Americans in the near future. Policy has to be set both in terms of preventing contaminants from entering the ground water supply and also regulating the quality of tap water made available for human consumption.

At this present moment where such levels of contaminants are present in our tap water, consumers can no longer rely on the safety of water at their own taps. Until policy is revamped of changed to make up for its short-comings the consumer must take actions to ensure that they don't make the mistake of consuming untreated tap water.

Home water filtration systems are widely available now and depending on the type of water filter system employed, should significantly increase the quality of tap water in homes. At the current time, based on the data available, it would seem that any filter at all would provide a marked improvement in water quality especially in urban areas which according to study results suffer from the most contaminated water.

The consumer looking to purchase a water filtration system must first determine what type of contaminants he/she is looking to treat. Typically, the municipal water utilities will provide a water analysis free of charge should you request for one. Once the water analysis is done you can then determine which contaminant is the most dangerous and proceed to decide which type of water treatment or filtration system you should employ. As an example, urban areas will have different types of contaminants to country areas. Generally, urban consumers should look towards water treatment for chemical/industrial contaminants such as heavy metals or industrial cleaning chemicals. On the other hand, rural/farming areas should look at treating water for sediments and agricultural run-off.

At this current time, the quality of tap water in North America is very low with levels of contaminants which although do not cause illness immediately, will cause very severe negative long term affects on consumers who continue consuming untreated tap water. Water filtration systems are very affordable and should be used regardless if you are in an urban or rural area to protect both you and your family from water contaminants.

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