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North American Water Contamination and the Need for a Whole House Water Purifier - Part 1

If you are wondering why you need a whole house water purifier , read on and I am sure you will be convinced that a water purifier is an absolute necessity in every North American household.

Half of all drinking water in North America is derived from ground water. In arid states like Arizona, almost 100% of all drinking water is derived from underground natural reserves (Aquifers). In 2001, ground water accounted for 40% of all water drawn for public supply in North America's towns and cities and a staggering 96% of water withdrawn for self supply systems for domestic use.

The highest risk water source today is ground water. The problem is that ground water can be so easily contaminated and the contaminations remain in the water because there is limited flow in the aquifers. The most common sources of contaminants nationwide are underground storage tanks (USTs), septic systems, pesticides and nitrates.

Studies Conducted on American Water contamination

According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted in 2002, the largest risks are from USTs commonly used by service stations, refineries and other industrial sites. These tanks normally contain hazardous materials like industrial waste or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are extremely hazardous for human consumption. As a gauge, one gallon of gasoline (regarded as a VOC) will render one million gallons of water unfit to drink.

In a 1999 study by the US Geological Survey (USGC), it revealed that the quality of ground water in North America has declined substantially from 1985 to 1999 due to the existence of pollutants from sources such as industry, agriculture and development. It was estimated that 46 million North Americans are using ground water that is vulnerable to low-level contamination. The researchers were however unable to quantify the level of exposure to end-consumer although it can be estimated to be "tolerably high".

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