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Discolored Clothing, Brown Baths, Bitter Drinking Water?  Remove Tannin With A Whole House Water Filter System !

Is your household water supply yellow or brown in colour and bitter to drink? It could be contaminated with tannin or lignin which can be easily removed with a BelKraft whole house water filter system. BelKraft water filtration systems will not only remove tannin and lignin, but a whole host of other contaminants from your household water supply.

Tannin and lignin are naturally occurring chemical compounds, most frequently found in tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine and tree bark, and where large quantities of vegetation have decayed. Tannin is often added to boiler water to help reduce scale formation inside the boiler.

The EPA has no guidelines on expected levels in drinking water because there is no apparent health risks associated with these compounds other than the possibility of a slight stimulant affect.

Tannin May Trigger Migranes!

However, some migraine sufferers believe that tannin can trigger a migraine.

If you have your water tested for tannin or lignin, you will often find that the results will be reported in general terms as "PPM/hydroxylated aromatic compounds".

Water that has lignin or tannin present is a faint yellow or brown in color and may taste slightly bitter. Washing white clothes in this water may cause dullness and discoloration of clothing and food cooked in the water will often be tinted a yellow/brown colour.

Although these chemicals may make the water aesthetically unpleasing, it has no known health risks and can be easily removed with tannin water filters.

Water Filtration.....A Simple Solution!

There is a large variety of tannin whole house water filters to choose from including systems that filter through three stages of filtration to seven stages of filtration, depending on how pure you want your water to be. One thing is for sure, if you install a tannin filtration system, there will be no more discolored clothing, no more brown baths and no more bitter drinking water. Enjoy!!!

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