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BelKraft Water Purifiers Wholesale Program

BelKraft is a manufacturer and distributor of a huge selection of water filtration systems. They provide wholesale water purifiers and filters of just about every variety. BelKraft is a progressive company with experience in manufacturing and marketing water filtration products worldwide. The management group has been in manufacturing and marketing of quality and innovative consumer products worldwide for more than 30 years.

Their commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service has made them a well known international company, and they’re growing. With a great concern for the growing deterioration of water quality worldwide, BelKraft has researched and developed what they believe to be the best water treatment systems in the market today.

It seems that almost daily there is a news story, magazine article or television special on the subject of the poor quality and potential hazards of drinking water. Almost every newspaper in the country has carried stories of pesticide contaminating water supplies or trichlorethanes, a suspected cancer causing chemical, being found in water supplies.

There are an estimated 181,000 industrial waste sites, over 16,000 municipal landfills and 100,000 ruptured underground gasoline storage tanks in North America that leech contaminants into our drinking water. The public is becoming better informed about this situation and is concerned about drinking unfiltered municipal tap water. As a result, North Americans in growing numbers are turning to bottled water. However, bottled water is expensive, inconvenient and has no guarantee of purity. The BelKraft water filter systems are perfect alternatives to bottled water and other expensive water filter systems. Their systems are created to provide superb quality drinking water conveniently, effectively and reliably and at a very low cost per gallon.

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