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Vacuum Packing

What is Vacuum Packing?

Vacuum packing is the process of removing the air from a container.

One of the main reasons for food spoilage is oxygen. Air is left in a food storage container or plastic bag, even if you "burp it" and seal it tightly. Oxidation occurs and your foods lose nutritional value, texture, flavour, and overall quality.

By vacuum packing, you keep your foods fresher up to 5 times longer.

Vacuum packing removes air from the container before it is sealed then keeps the air out. Bag sealers can only seal a bag, leaving air and moisture inside to allow the continued deterioration of your food.

Benefits of Vacuum Packing

Preserves Freshness 3 To 5 Times Longer!

MaxVacs maintains freshness by removing the oxygen from the storage environment. You'll be assured of 'just bought' flavour days, weeks, and even months after you purchase .

Eliminate Freezer Burn!

MaxVacs effectively remove air from the container preventing food dehydration and freezer burn from cold dry air.

Marinate meats in a minute!

Marinades are absorbed almost instantly as the vacuum process opens the pores of meat and poultry and allows the marinade to soak right in with ease.

Saves Time!

MaxVacs enable you to buy in bulk and then vacuum package the food in family sized portions. You'll make fewer trips to the store. MaxVacs also let you prepare meals in advance, then vacuum package them for later use. You can marinate your meats in minutes. Because of the vacuum process, the pores in the meat enlarge, allowing marinade sauce to seep to the bone in about 5 minutes.

Saves Money!

By vacuum packaging with MaxVacs , you'll save money through reduced spoilage. The average family throws away about 300 pounds of food per person per year. Since food accounts for about 18% of spendable income, that's a lot of cash in the trash!

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