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Career Opportunities


Double your income without doubling your effort

If your current company doesn't appreciate you for all of your efforts, then maybe we have something for you to get excited about.

If you currently sell cookware for Salad Master, Carico or any other direct sales organization, you owe it to yourself to find out how you can double your income, live the good life, and retire much sooner. CLICK HERE


The Opportunity

BelKraft has associations with Doulton, New Era and many other well established factories which makes us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world today. We are widely recognized as a solid growth company, and have been commended for our achievements by province, state, city, university, and business associations worldwide. Our tremendous growth in recent years has created a constant need for more BelKraft representatives.

With BelKraft there are six distinct programs to choose from. You can choose one or all six.

  • The 'wholesale program' is where you work as an independent and we supply you products at wholesale prices. This is referred to as 'The Free Franchise'.
  • We have the ‘Bridal Program'. Every year there are new 'brides to be' and our Bridal Registry program is great. Over the years more than half my income was from woman adding to their china, crystal or silverware that they had started before getting married. I know someone who does over three million a year in the Bridal Program.
  • We have a ‘Dinner Program'. This is where the cookware is sold through cooking presentation either at shows, dinner shows in the home or 'mini dinners' one on one. It is called the ‘Health and Nutrition show' and a lot of fun. Salad Master is doing this quite successfully. A lot of work but very profitable.
  • We have the ‘Standard Program', which is direct sales using leads from trade shows and referrals. This is a one on one presentation showing any of the products that the client seems most interested in. The catalogue shows our entire line.
  • We have the ‘Naturopath Program', where we have people in the health profession refer their patients to you. Most of these sales are water and air purifiers.
  • We have a ‘Management Program' where we train you to train others and build a group of professional sales distributors. It is a lot of work and a lot of hours, but very satisfying and rewarding.

Whichever program fits your personality the best, either way you want to be proud of your products and what you do and you will always work harder for yourself than for someone else.

BelKraft offers:

  • Exceptional earnings
  • Professional training
  • Rapid advancement
  • Worldwide vacations & travel
  • A positive working environment
  • Personal recognition & awards

Earnings Potential:

  • There is no limit to the kind of income you are able to earn
  • Your earnings are determined by: your attitude, your position and your performance.
  • You can start earning money immediately after you have completed your training.
  • BelKraft's compensation and growth program can give you financial independence and security

Exciting Travel Incentives and Awards:

Your effort is rewarded with exciting trips to exotic destinations around the world. BelKraft makes it possible for you to enjoy fun filled Caribbean cruises, trips to Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, and many other popular vacation spots.

Getting Started:

First you must qualify by contacting us for a personal interview.

If you are accepted as a certified consultant, BelKraft provides a professional training program using state of the art audio and visual aids, and sections of the web site, to prepare you for your new position.

In addition, our management support team will guide you through your learning process and give you valuable training.

To get started, simply fill out our brief On Line contact form.

You can also e-mail us or call 1-877-523-7800.

Click here to read more about the programs we offer and a statement from the president.

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