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Home Air Purifiers - Information from the American Lung Association

There are many types of particles and contaminants in indoor air that can be hazardous to people's health. The American Lung Association is an organization that has taken the time to research these types of contaminants that may be harmful for people to breathe in. The American Lung Association has also taken time and effort to research the many indoor solutions to the problem of air pollution. The American Lung Association, or ALA, suggests that one of the best solutions for contaminated indoor air is the purchase of a air purifier after every attempt has been made to remove the source of the air pollution if at all possible. The ALA has researched the best types of home air purifiers for certain situations and the most effective and efficient types of home air purifiers. Home air cleaners have become popular in people's homes not just because of the ALA's suggestions but also because of their ability to remove these indoor toxins from the home.

Some of the particles that can be hazardous to people's health according to the ALA include mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites and dander. The ALA has not only researched what types of particles can be present in the air that are harmful but also how quickly they can settle from the air and be breathed in by people present in the room. Skin flakes, human hair, pollen and dust that are present in indoor air can settle within five seconds. After leaving the skin or clothing, these types of dust particles and contaminants can become airborne and settle within five seconds, leaving them susceptible to be breathed in by people present in the room. Within five minutes of entering the air, bacteria, common spores and mite allergens are able to settle. These types of contaminants are dangerous because when they are breathed in, they have the ability to make some people ill and to spread the illness. Tobacco smoke, pet dander, fumes and cell debris can settle in a room within 10 hours of becoming airborne. These types of toxins in the air can give people symptoms or allergic reactions when they are exposed to them. Viruses that become airborne in indoor usually take about 10 days to settle. This means that these viruses are airborne and trapped in the air for this amount of time. People who enter the room are easily exposed to these viruses that are airborne and they can cause sickness and can easily spread this sickness as well. Home air purifiers have been shown to help.

With the research on these harmful particles that are present in indoor air, the ALA has exposed the most dangerous and less hazardous types of contaminants. The association has also educated the public on how long these types of contaminants can be present in the indoor air. One solution to clean air that the ALA has tried to educate the public on is the air purifier. The ALA explains that the air purifier is the best way to clean indoor air because it is able to remove these harmful contaminants. The filtering medium that is present in most home air purifiers is able to remove most indoor contaminants including mold, bacteria and pollen from the air. The American Lung Association has also tested each home air purifier to conclude which ones are the most efficient at removing these particles from the air and which ones do not have as effective filtering systems.

The measurement of the harmful particles in indoor air that has been done by the ALA is very helpful for most homeowners. The first step to achieving clean and quality indoor home air is to know what types of toxins may be present in the air. The knowledge of what types of affects these particles and toxins can have on people who breathe them in is also an eye-opener for most homeowners. The research on these many harmful indoor pollutants that have been done by the ALA always point to the importance of a home air purifier. After educating themselves with the material that the ALA has to offer, many people are seeing the benefits of purchasing home air purifiers. The ALA offers homeowners advice and statistics on how to keep their homes safe, contaminant-free and healthy for the residents living inside.

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