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History of Vacumatic Waterless Cookware

In the 1950s, the idea of taking Waterless Cookware to a new level was conceived.

Vacumatic cookware cookbook from the 50's

What is the difference between Waterless cookware and Vacumatic Waterless cookware?

Waterless cookware is a system of slowly steaming your vegetables without boiling out the flavor and color. (Steam comes to (100oCelsius / 212oFahrenheit)

It is a much better method of preparing foods as it will retain most of the flavor and color.

Then the Vacumatic system of food preparation was invented. Vacumatic cookware is a process of cooking your vegetables in a vacuum vapor. By doing so you are cooking below the boiling point (74oC/165oF) thereby retaining all of the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, natural color and taste.

Click HERE to read about the depletion of minerals in American soil.

One simple way to describe the process would be that you can boil water at a lower temperature high in the mountains as there is less pressure in the air.

Some of the features necessary to cook Vacumatically are:

  • Vapor seal to create a partial vacuum
  • Vac-Control valve to allow the steam to escape and lock
  • Heat conducting inner-core along bottom and up the side to the rim

Without these features cooking vacumatically in a vacuum vapor would not be possible.

Vapor seal Vac-Control whistle vent Heat retaining alloys
Vacumatic vapor seal image vacumatic whistle vent 7-plies of
                              the vacumatic utencil

What is Vacumatic Cookware?

Vacumatic is a process of cooking your vegetables in a vacuum vapor.

Other methods, such as steaming, boiling or Microwaving all bring the foods to 100oC, which is the temperature where the vitamins, minerals and nutritional goodness break down. When cooking in a vacuum vapor the temperature does not exceed 72oC, therefore retaining 98% of all the natural vitamins, minerals, colour and taste.

Without features such as the vapor seal, vac-control valve, heat conducting inner core that extends up the side your cookware, you cannot cook the proper Vacumatic Waterless way. This heat conducting inner core also offers energy savings, up to 70%, virtually paying for the cookware in a few years.

Click HERE for more details on the benefits of vacuum cooking.

List of special features with Vacumatic cookware;

The only people paying for Vacumatic cookware are the ones who do not own it.

We gets calls and emails every week from happy clients going back to the 1950s. We always hear stories on how new their set still looks and how happy they are that they made the investment. I believe that the first Vacumatic set sold for around 299.00, which was a lot of money in the late 50s. Click HERE to read some of the stories sent in to us.

We have had the same cookbook for many years, but we recently had a new one written buy a team of Nutritionists with fabulous recipes and simple instructions on care and cleaning. We also have a full DVD with each set showing everything you need to know on cooking Vacumatically.

Healthy Gourmet cookbook (Free with every set, but can be purchased separately)

                          Gourmet cookbook for vacuum cooking image

115 pages in English and 22 pages in Spanish.

Click HERE for more details on Vacumatic cookware.

Why buy American?

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