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Repeat sales is what it's all about

Here is an example of the sales made to just two of my clients in Ottawa and a reason why it is so important to give good service and keep in touch.

I'm running out of things to sell to her, but thank god for our amazing multi line of products. She still needs http://www.belkraft.com/Waterless_cookware.html and more Max-Vacs.

Shirley Piggozzo (her first eight orders were layaway and all sales since were cash)

'86 $2305.

'87 $2759.

'87 $1485.

'89 $3788.

'90 $1472.

'91 $1099.

'92 $1623.

'93 $979.

'01 $599. Here is where Shirley bought a water filter

'02 $136.

'03 $357.

'04 $598. Here she bought a compact air purifier

'05 $298. Cartridges for water and air filter

'06 $298.

'07 $327. Here she added a shower filter

'08 $369. Cartridges for the above

'09 $369.

'10 $369.

'11 $369.

'12 $369.

Total sales of $19,968.00


Francine Ryan

'81 $1160.40

'81 $409.70

'82 $261.80

'84 $458.47

'85 $81.10

'86 $1297.00

'87 $1689.00

'91 $598.00

'92 $189.05

'93 $462.00

'96 $599.00

'97 $486.40

'01 $179.00

'03 $449.00

'03 $469.00

'04 $679.65

'05 $136.00

'06 $296.40

'07 $464.00

'08 $296.00

'09 $464.00

'10 $296.00

'11 $464.00

'12 $296.00

This client has a water purifier in her kitchen, a water filter at her cottage, a shower filter and now an air purifier. Which means she will be buying from me a every year for the rest of our lives.

It's nice to have more than one product to offer your clients.

I have many hundreds of clients with multiple systems like this.

It's all about residual income. If you sell cookware, cars, vacuums, real estate or anything, you could be doing this 'hit and run' type of sales till you die.

Here is something I have been doing for years now. Let's say you did a promotion offering shower filters at 29.00. You would of coarse sell a ton of them at that price. Many of the people that you see when you install the shower filter will buy more products, but one year later you go back to replace the shower filter cartridge and you ask the client if they would like to get it for free. Of coarse they would and let assume they buy a water purifier to get it free. Now you go back 12 months later and you ask if they would like to get the purifier and the shower filter cartridges free. You show them a nice 6 stage air purifier for the bedroom so that they will have great nights sleep. A year later again you ask them if they would like the shower and water and air cartridge free and now you show them the 10 stage air purifier for the main floor. Now 12 months later you go back to replace all these cartridges and ask if they would like to get the 626.00 worth of water and air cartridges for free. Now they might be getting nervous at this point, but who can say no to free stuff?

You show them the BelKraft Big Blue whole house water system so they can bath and shower in clean water.

Twelve months later you ask them if they would like to have 868.00 worth of water and air cartridges for free. (the shower filter was not replaced as they don't need it with the wholehouse system) You now show them the Vacumatic cookware and give them double the discount in free products. For example, if the discount on a set is 450.00 you can give them instead 900.00 in free product and you actually make more money doing so.

If they decline your great offer, you can still be grateful for the 868.00 they will give you every year for the rest of your life.

Imagine having 100 clients with these filters? Do the math. Imagine having 1000 clients with these filters. Do the math again and ask yourself this, if it takes you 10 or 15 years to establish 1000 clients with water and air filters could you retire on that amount of sales?

The most secure income and future is by owning your own company and having your own clients that no one can take from you. The BelKraft franchise program is the only way you can retire wealthy, guaranteed.

There is also a lot business to be had in offices. I have some offices with dozens of air and water systems. Also many with our water coolers with built in purifiers.

I service one office building that has 18 Universal water purifiers. It takes me 4 hours to replace the cartridges and another 4 hours in the Spring to clean them. For this they pay me 5600.00 a year. I want more offices like that one.

The secret to successful residual sales is to be honest to your clients and treat them with great respect. I even sing happy birthday to some of my clients.

Here is a letter I just received from a client who has been buying since 1983 and has placed over 20 orders for products. She has a BelKraft 2000 filter in the kitchen, a shower filter and a 6 stage air purifier, so I see her annually.

Many thanks for always remembering my birthday, Ron.
It it great fun to receive birthday wishes by phone or by mail.
You have contributed to making May 5th special for me.

I guess I will be seeing you in a little while to get replacement cartridges for 2 water filters, my air purifier and one shower filter.
Wishing you a great weekend,

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