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Ontario open to ban on sale of plastic water bottles Bottle water

Updated Thu. Nov. 6 2008 1:44 PM ET

The Canadian Press

TORONTO -- Ontario's environment minister says he's open to a private member's bill that would ban the sale of plastic water bottles in the province.

John Gerretsen says the government is looking at all ways to reduce garbage and encourage recycling.

And while he's not ready to take a final stance on the subject, he says any such effort should be applauded.

Progressive Conservative critic Tim Hudak is against the bill and says the government is out of touch if it thinks these are the issues people in the province are worried about.

He says the Liberals should instead focus on Ontario's job losses and its newly acquired "have-not" status.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton says his party will likely support the bill because continuing to fill landfills with empty water bottles is irresponsible.

Several municipalities have already voted to eliminate sales of water bottles at city-run facilities, saying they are a hazard to the environment.

The bill is being debated in the legislature today.


Comments from the general public

rob o.
I'm a bit confused.. why ban water bottles.. why not Pepsi bottles, or root beer bottles, or plastic mickey's of vodka..
why ban water bottles?
When im on the road and thirsty and need to quickly grab something, .. it's not anything cola .. i want, it's water. I was damn pleased when bottled water finally came to the market.
If they want to take these bottles out, you better come prepared with a solution.

I still dont know why people pay for bottled water anyway. And dont give me the 'walkerton' line. Its a fact this water in bottles comes from the simmilar sources and is actually under less quality control than municpal water.

This is a complete deal-breaker. If the province does this, I will in all seriousness move to another province. This is a complete invasion of your right to choose what is and isn't healthy for your own body. I consider fluoridated city tap water to be unhealthy for my body at the amount I drink daily (3L)

Yes, lets lose more jobs in this fragile economy by putting plastics manufacturers, bottle makers, and plastic recycling centers out of business by banning water bottles. How about the government put their time and energy into important areas like improving the economy, creating jobs, and helping to stabilize the world markets instead of wasting time and energy on a bill that puts people out of work.

I agree. I wish critics (Tim Hudak here) of these types of bills would step back and look at the big picture. By passing a bill to ban water bottles, this does not take anything away from the other issues the government is dealing with. Most of the litter I pick up while out walking is plastic water bottles. Those and plastic bags are our worst source of garbage and both should be banned. At least there's a politician out there that's forward thinking in this regard. I hope this bill passes asap.

Good old glass bottles.
Lots of jobs, handling, cleaning etc

Avid recycler
Have they even considered implementing a recycling program?? Look at how Saskatchewan handles it with a company called SARCAN. Provides gainful employment for people with disabilities and significantly reduces what goes into the landfill. ...

Recycled plastic beverage containers (pop bottles) are used to make items such as polyester carpet, fiber fill in winter jackets and sleeping bags, pillows, greenhouse trays, and the scoop in your laundry detergent.

Socialism is killing us
This is going to create jobs how? This is going to lower taxes how? This is going to get us out of the have-not status how?

Ian Ottawa
Great News. Why don't they go back to glass bottles for Pop and milk while they are at it? The fact that glass is easily re-cycled should be reason enough.

I'm pleased with the support Ontario Liberals have show for quality of life issues such as the pitbull ban, no handheld cellphones while driving and now this.
While I'm a Tory federally I'm disapointed with their work in opposition in Ontario.

Every step counts.
Next, plastic bags.

And next will be pop bottles, plastic milk bags, etc. etc. If we want to reduce polution, why not get rid of the politicians?

Here is the ultimate way to save the planet, ban humans.

John from Fredericton
This will not fly in the court of law.

The Saint John City Council voted against a similar motion by saying they are against denying the freedom of choice to their people.
So if this goes, it will be challenged in the courts.

Norm in NB
Why not make recycling mandatory?

G. Gravelle
They banned the glass bottles to bring in plastic bottles. Now, they want to ban plastic bottles because they've become a polutant. What is their propposed replacement that will be environmently friendly??

Trina A
Obviously the government has nothing better to do than to ban stuff rather than fixing the problems that actually concern the human race! How about our health care system? How about the homeless and hungry? How about the jerks that just keep getting richer while the real people just get poorer because they don't get any tax breaks?
What are they going to basn next --BREATHING!!??!

Mike from Canmore
stick a bottle deposit on them and they'll be returned and NOT end up in the landfill. And while you're at it, do the same for pop bottles at all. And force retailers to accept them as a return. Everybody wants to make a buck but nobody wants to be responsible for anything!

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