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Buy Back Options

There are four option with the buy-back program.

Option one, if you are selling the product back for cash the price would depend on the quality of the condition and the need that we have for the pattern. If we have a large stock in that pattern we could not be able to offer you as much. To discuss this in more detail you would need to call me.

Option two, we simply keep your name and phone number on file and when we find a buyer for your set we will call you and at that point could offer you a lot more.

Option three is consignment. We send a courier to pick up your set. We pay all the shipping and we hold your set in our stock room. When we sell any of it we will send you the money less a 15% fee. There are pros and cons with consignment. One of the pros is that you would get the maximum amount of money for your set. The other pro is that if for example we should have 20 other clients interested in selling that pattern, they would not get a call as we have your set in stock. The only disadvantage is that we have no idea how long it would take to sell the set. It often depends on the pattern so it could take 6 month to possibly 6 years to sell it all.

Option four is barter. Here you would go back to our web site www.Belkraft.com and shop for a few thousand dollars worth of products you could use many times a day. Products like a kitchen water purifier, a bedroom air filter, more cookware or knives. Whether it's products for yourself or for future gifts.

To discuss this in more detail give us a call.


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