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Carl Weill cookware 12 piece set

1,200 tons of pressure is used to affix the thermal compact-base to the bottom of the Carl Weill thermo cookers. This compact base is the key to Carl Weill's energy saving method. Made of a 5 layer patented base of metal alloys, it enhances heat conductivity so that heat is evenly distributed and stored.

This engineering feature enables food to be cooked on a low setting and in less time than traditional cookware increasing energy savings up to 70%! One of the major advantages of Carl Weill's unique cooking system is that different cookware units can be stacked, in order to cook multiple dishes using only one burner or hot plate.

Steamer strainer with 3 quart and cover

Large fry pan and cover

Small sauce pan

2 quart and cover

1.5 quart and cover

6 quart Dutch Over and cover

Full set

Pieces can be ordered separately.

Beautiful quality. Affordable prices.

If you have a set of Carl Weill cookware and your lid knob has broken, you can order another for 15.00


If you only need the thermal part of the lid knob it is 12.00

or call us directly at 1-877-523-7800
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