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Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF)
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The Nation's water systems must make significant investments to install, upgrade, or replace infrastructure to continue to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to their 240 million customers. Installation of new treatment facilities can improve the quality of drinking water and better protect public health. Improvements are also needed to help those water systems experiencing a threat of contamination due to aging infrastructure systems. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act, as amended in 1996, established the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to make funds available to drinking water systems to finance infrastructure improvements. The program also emphasizes providing funds to small and disadvantaged communities and to programs that encourage pollution prevention as a tool for ensuring safe drinking water.

Program Guidance (ALL ABOUT PDF FILES)

Fact Sheets & Reports (ALL ABOUT PDF FILES)

  • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program: Delivering Sustainable Public Health Protection for America
    2005 Annual Report
    EPA 816-R-06-003
  • The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program: Financing America's Drinking Water from the Source to the Tap - A Report to Congress
    EPA 918-R-03-009, May 2003
  • Financing America's Drinking Water - A Report of Progres s
    EPA 816-R-00-023, November 2000
  • Clean Water and Drinking Water Infrastructure Gap Analysis Report
    EPA 816-R-02-020, September 2002
  • Implementation of Transfers in the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs: Report to Congress
    EPA 816-R-00-021, October 2000
  • Handbook on Coordinating Funding for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure: A Compilation of State Approaches
    EPA-816-R-03-018, October 2003
  • Case Studies in DWSRF Implementation
    This reports present a series of reviews on how states are implementing their DWSRF programs (public participation, assessing capacity, disadvantaged programs ).
  • SRF Fund Management Handbook (PDF 79 pp, 792 K)
    EPA 832-B-01-003
  • DWSRF State Priority System Compendium
    (February, 1999)

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Tribal and Territorial Programs

Program Data

Related Programs (ALL ABOUT PDF FILES)

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