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Tettau GmbH


Tettau - this name is closely connected with the oldest history of porcelain.

A document shows that the foundation date of the "ROYAL PRIVILEGED PORCELAIN FACTORY TETTAU" was December 28, 1794. In that document the founders of the factory, Georg Christian Friedmann Greiner from cloister Veilsdorf close to Coburg, and the merchant Johann Friedrich Paul Schmidt from Coburg were granted a privilege to establish a veritable porcelain factory in the district of Lauenstein. Signatories of this decree were the sovereign of Prussia, king Friedrich Wilhelm II, and his minister, prince Hardenberg.

Preceding to that was an engaged intercession at the king by the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt who was at that time Oberbergmeister, which could be translated with mining master at the mining department in Bayreuth. Only due to his profound expertise the factory could have been established.

Georg Christian Friedmann Greiner himself descended out of a wide branching porcelain dynasty from Thuringia and was pre-destinated for his task. He developed the pure white and transparent TETTAU PORCELAIN body.

Fine porcelain from Tettau was the pleasure of connoisseurs already at the beginning of the 19th century. A charming richness of shapes and motives was created in the period of the Biedermeier. The playful and precious creation dominated. Richness of ideas and excellent craftsmanship were the determining factors in the history of the factory in the following decades.

Although the two world wars of this century had their influence on Tettau, the factory took a constant and positive development.

Only in the recent years a new factory building was erected and most modern machines were installed. Many millions of German marks were invested in order to maintain the great tradition of TETTAU PORCELAIN production and to secure the working places in that extreme frontier area which was called in former times "the green heart of Germany".

Porcelain out of the famous porcelain china body with its special transparency is the expression of cultivated life style, which is not subject to the common change of taste. Many original creations of a great past went into the whole world and are taken care of by their owners or are exposed in museums.

TETTAU PORCELAIN is made still in present days with the same craftsmanship and the love to the detail as in former times. Due to its high quality standard this porcelain can withstand every comparison.

BelKraft fine china is hand crafted by ROYAL PRIVILEGED PORCELAIN FACTORY TETTAU. (Ebony Rose, Camea, Queens Command, Empress, Candlelight, Pirouette and Springtime)

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