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Tired of scrubbing pots and pan?

Surgical steel with titanium wipes clean easily even if the food is badly burnt on.

wipes clean

Tired of mushy veggies because you over cooked them?

With the Vacumatic system of cooking you can not over cook as you turn the heat off after a few minutes. As long as you don't break the vapor seal your veggies are hot and perfect even an hour later.

Tired of all the space your mix matched cookware takes?

The lids on our cookware fit inside where you can either hang them and the lid does not fall out, or they stack like Lego. The whole set fits into your lower oven drawer.

Vacumatic cookware

Tired of cookware that waists energy because they warped or are too thick or thin?

Our 7-ply construction distributes the heat evenly along the bottom and even up the sides. With the heat now coming from all sides you can even bake in a pan. With roasting you use 1/16th of the normal electricity used and with vegetables about 1/8th. The set will literally pay for itself in a few year just on electricity savings.

Vacumatic 7 ply

Also the bottom has a built in expansion ring to prevent warping.


Tired about not knowing the amount of metal toxins entering your foods from your cookware?

Tests have shown that only surgical steel with titanium will give off zero metal toxins into your food.

Don't believe your cookware gives off any metal toxins? Then take out your best pan and do the Soda Test. Instuctions for the 'Soda Test' can be found here; http://www.belkraft.com/Waterless_cookware_know.htm#taste

Here is a like from Lori Davies who is fighting the government to ban aluminum cookware from restaurants; http://www.belkraft.com/Waterless_cookware_testimonials.html

If you knew that your cookware is polluting and contaminating your food and your families food, would you carry on using it ? "Do the Pollution test" Now that you know for yourself that your cookware over the years has been polluting and contaminating your food and your families food, do something about it now!


Tired of always having to add oil or butter to fry things?

We sometimes do this either for taste or because the recipe called for it. If you are health conscience you want to be concerned about the about of oils and fats we digest. There are good oils but butter and shortenings are not them. Our cookware has a diamond buffed surface that needs no oils for frying.

Be heart smart.


Tired of running out of burners?

You can 'stack cook' with our sets. This not only save energy but can come in handy when the family comes over and you have a lot to cook.

stack cooking

Tired of having to replace cookware?

Our sets come with a full 50 year warranty backed by a factory in Tennessee in business since 1874.

waterless cookware warranty

Here is an image of my set I personally bought when I joined the company in 1976. Still as good as new.

my Vacumatic set from 1976


Bottom line. Most of us cook every day. Does a mechanic go to Walmart to buy his tools?

The better the tool the better the job gets done. If this set takes out all the aggravation from cooking and pays for itself in just a few years, it just makes sense.

You can read more about the Vacumatic system of cooking here; http://www.belkraft.com/Waterless_cookware_know.htm

The only people who are paying for this cookware are those who don't have it.

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