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A Carbon Water Filter will Eliminate Pesticides and a Host of Other Hazardous Contaminants from Your Household Water Supply

Pesticides found in North American water supply reservoirs are a growing concern among health conscious people. This concern is well founded as it has been proven that pesticides are unhealthy for human consumption. Industrial water treatment centers aren't equipped to adequately deal with the situation. It becomes the consumer's responsibility to control these circumstances with their health and safety being the primary concern. Fortunately this pesticide problem can be controlled with the use of a carbon water filter.

Facts about Pesticides

One of the most frightening facts about pesticides is that over 14 million people in the U.S. regularly ingest these dangerous chemicals in their drinking water. That is a lot of exposure and risk of illness.

There are up to 17,000 registered pesticides with the government. The active ingredients in those pesticides are roughly 800. When researchers with the U.S. Geological Society conducted tests pesticides were found in 95% of the creeks and streams sampled. Nearly 50% of the underground water sources tested positive for pesticides as well, so a safe health option would be install a water filter in your home. Carbon water filters are a safe option and one of the most popular water filtration systems on the market today.

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