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Water Education Articles

Take a tour with us as we travel through hundreds of informative articles on water, including water and health, drinking water contamination.

Water & Health Directory

From Acne to Weight Loss. Everything you ever wanted to know about water

Water Contaminants Directory

Understand what the different contaminants are and how they effect your health

Directory of Water Filtration Products

Your list of the many solutions to your water problems

Articles on Water

Some of the latest information on water and water problems

Dr. Mercola Discusses Water Filters  

"If you don't use a filter you ARE the filter"


Water & Health Directory

Acne Bottled Water Dehydration Sport
Allergies Cancer Detoxing Treatment
Arthritis and Joint Pain Children Good Health Weight loss
Asthma Constipation Pregnancy Well Water
Benefits of Water Chronic Bronchitis Skin Tap Water



Home Water Purifiers...Give Acne the Flick!



Allergy Sufferers Benefit From Whole House Water Purification Systems

Guidance for people with severely weakened immune systems


Arthritis and Joint Pain

A Home Water Filter Can Help To Relieve Arthritic Pain!



Reduce your chances of Asthma by installing a filter on your shower head!

Asthma Now Hits One in 10 Children, study says.

The Connection Between Chlorine and Asthma

Allergies and Asthma

Asthma Prevention



Benefits of Drinking Water

Drink water like your life depended on it - because it does

Heal with Water

Prevent Cancer

Health and Water


Bottled Water

Scary statistics on bottled water

Bottled water...Safe Drinking Water?

The truth about bottled water

Plastic hurting the environment

Study: Bottled water no better than tap water

Bottled Water Conflicts

Do not Keep Bottled Water in the Car

Ruining Our Environment & Communities

Bottled Water: Is it Hip or Hype?

Bottled Water Is Not Always As Clean As Advertised

Things that you are probably not using your bottled water for.

Is the bottled water fad slowly sinking?

From the Tap to the Bottle and Back Again

Don't freeze the bottles

Click HERE to see a pdf presentation on the facts and enviromental impact.

How Green Is Your Water Bottle?

Latest Press Releases on Bottled Water



Chlorinated water found to increase risk of bladder cancer

Cancer can be prevented



Home Water Filter Systems - Crucial To A Child's Wellbeing!

Pollution Exposure Linked to Childhood Cancer

Unborn Children at Risk



Say Goodbye to Constipation, A Drinking Water Filtration System Will Help You to Drink More Water!


Chronic Bronchitis

Chlorine Removal Systems Spell Relief for Bronchitis Sufferers



Dehydrated?  Install a Home water treatment System and Drink More Water



Detoxing with Pure Water Filters



Distilled water does not remove all chemicals.


Good Health  

Faucet Water Purifiers For Good Health

Water - The Foundation To A Healthy Body

Drinking Water Health Advisories

Health and Water

Healing With Water



A Water Filter or Purifier...A Must During Pregnancy!

Dirty tap water puts pregnant women at risk



A Water Purification System System, The Pathway To Beautiful Skin

Treat & Prevent Eczema & Other Skin Disorders



Sport and Portable Water Filters



Forget it. Go HERE for info on tap water.

Click HERE to read the real facts on municipal treated tap water.



The History of Drinking Water Treatment

Pages taken from the "City of Ottawa" water treatment plant web site.


Weight loss

Want to Lose Weight? Install a Drinking Water Filter!

Drink water like your life depended on it - because it does

Health and Water

Dieting - Weight Loss


Well Water

Get Acquainted with Your Well - Know Your Well

Pathogens and Your Well Water

How to disinfect your well

Water Contaminants Directory

Aluminium Drugs Heavy Metals Pesticides
Asbestos E.coli Herbicides PPCP's
Arsenic Fluoride Industrial Solvents Radon gas
Chlorine Giardia Lead Tannin
Cryptosporidium Hard Water Nitrate VOCs
Boil Water Alerts      

US Water Contamination



Aluminium - Why a Concern in Drinking Water?




Asbestos is one of the most potent carcinogens known to man.



Whole House Water Purification Systems Can Eliminate Arsenic and Other Harmful Contaminants From Your Entire Household Water Supply!



Chlorinated Tap Water - Friend or Foe?

How to filter chlorine from your water

Chlorine, cancer and heart disease

Chlorinated water found to increase risk of bladder cancer



Cysts - Real Pests in our Drinking Water
Cryptosporidium, "Beaver Fever", Giardia Lambia

Cryptosporidium and Drinking Water Treatment Systems

Water Filters for Home Use  - Which One Will Remove Cryptosporidium?



Research Shows Anthrax May Survive Standard Disinfection Processes

A vast array of pharmaceuticals have been found in the drinking water supplies

Want Safe, Pure, Drug-Free Water? Household Filtration Systems are the Answer

Drugs, In Our Drinking Water

Pharmaceuticals in drinking water



Explanation found for high E.coli counts in rivers

What is E. coli and where does it come from?

147 million gallons of raw sewage dumped into the Great Lakes

Reports on E.coli in Ottawa river



The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation

Fluoride: Commie Plot or Capitalist Ploy

Water Treatment Filters Which Remove Fluoride from Your Tap Water

Calling For End To To Fluoridation

How do I reduce my fluoride exposure?



A Drinking Water System to Protect Against Giardia

Which Drinking Water filtration or Purification Will Give Me Quality Water and Protect Against Giardia?


Hard Water

Home Water Softeners Solve the Problems of Hard Water

Hard Water Treatment


Heavy Metals






Home Water Purification Systems Will Remove Herbicides from Your Household Water Supply



Industrial Solvents

Public Health and Drinking Water News Briefs

bisphenol A products




Lead In Drinking Water

Lead Poisoning: What You Should Know

Lead Poisoning: Statistics and Prevention

Health Canada on lead in pipes


Nitrates in Drinking Water

Water Well Filtration Systems Safeguard You and Your Family Against Nitrate Poisoning!



A Carbon Filter Will Eliminate Pesticides From Your Household Water Supply

How Do Carbon Water Filter Systems Remove Pesticides?



Water, Water Everywhere--Do We Dare Drink It?


Radon gas

Exposure to Radon Causes Lung Cancer In Non-smokers and Smokers Alike



Discolored Clothing, Brown Baths, Bitter Drinking Water? Remove Tannin With a  Whole House Water Filter System!



Disinfection By-Products


US Water Contamination

The Health Effects Of Drinking Water Contamination

Drinking Water Treatment...An Absolute Necessity for Every Family to Guard Against US Water Contamination

Which is the Best Home Water Treatment System Protect My Family Against Water Contamination?

North American Water Contamination - The Need for a Whole House Water Purifier - Part 1

North American Water Contamination - The Need for Water Treatment Installation - - Part 2

American Water Contamination - The Need for a Whole House Water Filtration or Purification System - Part 3

American Water Contamination - Looking for the Best Whole House Water Treatment to Suit Your Needs - Part 4



Complete list of Volatile Organic Contaminants

Filtered Water & VOCs


Directory of Water Filtration Products

Backpacking Water Filters Drinking Water Filters Shower Filters
Camping Water Filters Hiking Water Purifiers Stainless Steel Filters
Carbon Filters In Line Water Filters Under sink models
Ceramic Filters Multi-filtration Utraviolet Lights
Commercial Filtration Replacement Cartidges Water Softeners
Countertop Filters Reverse Osmosis Whole House Filters


Backpacking and Backpacking Water Filters

Backpacking Water Filters


Camping Water Filters

Camping Water Purifiers

Different Types of Camping Water Filters


Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters - How do they Work?

Carbon Water Filters/GAC's

Looking at Carbon Block Water Filters

Activated Carbon For Drinking Water Filtration


Ceramic Filters

How Do Ceramic Filters Work?

Ceramics, a natural water filter

Questions & Answers about the Four Stage Ceramics


Commercial and Industrial Filtration


Countertop Filters

BelKraft Counter Top Water Purifiers


Drinking Water Filters


Hiking Water Purifiers


In Line Water Filters

More about our In-Line Carbon Water Filter



Cartridges for VOC's, Heavy Metal and Lead, Nitrates, Arsenic and Flouride

6 Stage Alkaline RO system


Replacement Cartidges

Specialty Cartridges

The Doulton 4 Stage Ceramic Cartridge

Ceramic Maintenance


Reverse Osmosis

BelKraft Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Systems


Shower Filters

Beware of the gimmicks

Shower Filter Facts

Buyers Guide to Buying the Best Shower Filter

Shower water filters offer fantastic health and cosmetic benefits to users

Protect yourself from the harsh toxic effects of chlorine


Stainless Steel Filters

BelKraft has four sizes of surgical steel housings


Under sink

BelKraft Under Counter Water Purifiers


Utraviolet Lights

Ultraviolet Ultimate Series

Under Counter Ultraviolet Module


Water Filter Systems

The Full BelKraft collection of Water Purifiers

A Buyers Guide to the Best Process of Water Filtration


Water Softeners

BelKraft (no salt) water softener

Sulphur and Iron Filters (pdf)


Whole House Water Filters

Have You Ever Thought of Installing A Whole House Water Filter?


The BelKraft2000 Whole House System



We have a distributor program where we can offer units at an even lower price


Water Articles


questions on water
                          filteration systems

Most Common Questions On Water Filtration

Questions & Answers about the Ceramic filters

What is KFD?

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