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Filter Reminders and Replacements

Email Reminders automatically send you an email when it is time to replace your filter cartridges. Please select a starting date and replacement frequency, and then enter your email address. If you have both drinking water and shower filters and their replacement frequency differs, you will just need to click the products you own. (If the replacement frequency is the same for both filters, signing up for two email reminders is unnecessary.)

You can also purchase some of our most popular cartridges below via PayPal or call us directly at 1-877-523-7800.

To see how often you should replace your filter cartridge, please refer to this replacement frequency chart.

If you have a water purifier from another company like Simple H20 or Carico we can save you money on the replacement.

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What products do you own?

Water Filters

BelKraft 2000 and Slimline Shower Filter
BelKraft 2015 Other System
Universal Big Blue Whole House

Air Filters

Six Stage Nutri-Tech Model 1200
Ten Stage Nutri-Tech Model 1700
Model 300 XR-100 Car Filter


Emails will be sent from service@belkraft.com

Be sure to add this email address to your allowed senders list so it is not blocked.

Your privacy: Your email address will be kept strictly confidential on our secure servers for the sole purpose of sending the automated reminder.  Your information will not be used for anything other than this reminder service.


Q & A

Q: If I have a water filter from a different company can you supply my cartridge?
A: We can supply almost any type of cartridge. Just email us the model number and we will check if we stock it and if not we usually can find it for you.

Q: If I use less water than the amounts indicated on the chart, will my filter cartridge last more than twelve months?
A: Due to potential bacteria growth, once the cartridge filter becomes wet, it must be replaced at least every twelve months, regardless of use.

Q: What if I sign up for email reminders and then would like to unsubscribe?
A: Information for unsubscribing will be sent to you in every reminder email. Or just write us to unsubscribe.

Q: What do I do if I need to edit the information I submitted when signing up for email reminders?
A: You can simply sign up for email reminders again with the same email address and update your information. Your old information will automatically be replaced.

Q: I'm currently signed up for email reminders for both the drinking water and shower filter replacement cartridges. How do I unsubscribe from only one of these reminders?
A: When you unsubscribe from email reminders, you will be given the option to maintain either the drinking water or shower filter email reminder.

Q: How will I know when my cartridge needs replacing?
A: You usually can tell by the color or when the flow rate slows down. You can also have your water tested or order our 'do it yourself' water test kit.

Click HERE to order one.

Ten inch Full Spectrum cartridge for BelKraft 2000 and Slimline

Lasts one year on average.

Doulton ceramic cartridge

Retail $179.00

Sale price $119.00



Universal Full Spectrum cartridge

Lasts 18 months on average

Full Spectrum ceramic cartridge

Retail $246.00

Sale price $188.00


Sometimes it's obvious when a cartridge needs to be cleaned, but if there is no rust and sediment in your water and your cartridge still looks clean after a year it does not mean it has not absorbed all the chemicals and chlorine and still should be replaced.


How will I know when my cartridge needs replacing?

You usually can tell by the color or when the flow rate slows down. You can also have your water tested or order our 'do it yourself' water test kit. Click HERE to order one.

A more simple way is by taste or smell.

Here are some images of dirty cartridges recently replaced. It's nice to actually see what you did not have to drink.

Whole House cartridges

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